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It is our honor that, we are the pioneer and unique Iranian Company on CSV Projects 

Our professional team’s responsibility is providing Engineering and Validation Services in
Pharmaceutical, Food, Biotechnological and all related Industries according to International Standards “FDA  & GXP” regulations. We are trying to create a Quality Culture with completing of Validation puzzle in friendly manner.
Furthermore we are the first Iranian group in CSV (Computer System Validation) with shiny experience in establishing of CSV In and out of Iran. 
This company has started its activity in formal way on January 2016 under name of “ Yeshil Samaneh Daroui” (it is Persian name ) and registered its brand under name of “ Pharma Green System” . 
Although, CSV activities has been started before this, around 2012 , by real person under name of “ Rana Golzar” and sister company “ Phar Chem Tech Co.”  .
Take a look to our Expertise in CSV 

  • CSV Master plan preparation
  • URS and SOP preparation
  • Computer Systems Validation for Manufacturing of Pharma
  • CSV on infrastructure and networks
  • CSV for Laboratory Area and Instruments Software
  • CSV for all types of ERP – SAP Systems 
  • CSV for BMS Systems which is independent of instruments
  • CSV for Document management Systems
  • CSV for Spread sheets such as Excel 
  • CSV for Clinical Software
  • Audit based on 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and Annex 11 Compliance
  • RISK Analysis 
  • System owner job validation like Data Integrity, Backup – restoration, Archival- retrieval – data Retention and Migration check.  
  • Training on CSV 

By the way, this company is located in Tehran, Iran with good motivation for establishing of CSV. 
Join us for tasting of CSV !


ورود کاربر

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