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Pharma Green System Co = The Pioneer, Unique & Professional Iranian team in CSV

We are a leading CSV consultant of Iran working with a lot of overseas companies for best solution of CSV . Brilliant executive experience in CSV project is our outstanding point and good motivation and team work mentality is on our success flag.

Qualification & Validation

We are beside you doing for the best in all part of Validation and preparing the documents as like as auditor expecting !

Computer System Validation

Good CSV can help you Reduce CAPA, Change Control, Batch Recall and give all people (Patient) on earth a good Peace of mind including your shareholders

Solutions & Enginnering Consulting

Engineering consulting based on your request we are beside you in your projects

CSV Peace of Validation Puzzle is on our hand! We are here for completing this green game! Trust US!

Providing Engineering and Validation Services in Pharmaceutical, Food, Biotechnological and all related Industries According to International Standards, FDA & GXP regulations


Our Computer System Validation Services

Our professional team’s responsibility is providing Engineering and Validation Services in Pharmaceutical, Food, Biotechnological and all related Industries according to International Standards “FDA & GXP” regulations. We are trying to create a Quality Culture with completing of Validation puzzle in friendly manner. Furthermore we are the first Iranian group in CSV (Computer System Validation) with shiny experience in establishing of CSV In and out of Iran.

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Competitive Advantages

Outstanding Executive Experiences , over 20 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Technical departments like ICT , Planning , Technical production lines, Calibration and Validation

Strongly executive experience in CSV (Computer system Validation ) projects

Providing Professional Engineering Services based on GXP

Our overseas partners are available for auditing and training all the time

We are Iranian team with European knowledge beside you !

You have documents as equal as European companies’ documents so cheaper because there is a chance for working with Iranian company!

Benefits of our training packages without charging when we are beside you!

Computer System Validation Document Pack

A Full Set of Computer System Validation document

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